32. Salam Ramadhan

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29. Sucikan Niyyat

Assalamu’alaikum dearest readers.

I would like to share an important reminder. This would apply to all of us, the women, the mothers, mothers-to-be and waiting-to-be-mothers-to-be insyaAllah amiin amiin. And especially important if we have daughters, to teach them to be as strong as the women to be mentioned below.

I was reminded, yet again, by my Ustaz, of the important role we women play in society. The mothers and the wives. We are the ones who will be the deciding factor in whether the home stays intact or be destroyed.

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26. So it’s been a looooong time …


It’s been a long time since my last update. The lack of posts is mainly due to the fact that I have started working again and also because there is no other updates on the pregnancy front. Or about my progress with the treatment of my vaginismus.

I haven’t even been keeping myself updated with blog posts of people I’ve followed here on WordPress. I believe my most distracted month would be last month, the month of August. I was working, though this job is pretty slack so I have been downloading lots of free PDF books to while the time away.

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25. I wish…

I just wanna cry when I read the above quote

Not yet

It’s been awhile since my last post.

Reason: I’ve had my period 2 times, on the 13th of June and 12th of July.
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